Teaching School

The Vision – Inclusivity

Ponteland Partnership Teaching Alliance believes that every child in the alliance of schools deserves to have access to outstanding teaching and learning and will reach their full potential by being taught by the best teachers in the best schools. Each school will share their expertise and support with other alliance schools so that standards are continually raised and quality support is provided. This will be achieved through collaboration and the creation of relationships built upon trust and support.

Ponteland Middle School has responded to requests from schools to provide initial meeting(s) free of charge and then devise and deliver a bespoke package to meet the needs of the school, headteachers, governors, teachers and teaching assistants.

The Strategic Partners and Alliance Schools will support this by:

  • Playing a greater role in training new entrants into the profession
  • Leading high quality professional and leadership development
  • Identifying talent and developing this potential to create the leaders of the future
  • Providing high quality support for other schools in a mutually beneficial way
  • Designating and brokering Specialist Leaders of Education and Lead Practitioners
  • Engaging in research and development which will help support schools to develop